Flex Now, Cry Later

Flex Now, Cry Later

Drake shares with the world his new single featuring Lil Durk called “Laugh Now, Cry Later’’ which will appear on his next album called Certified Lover Boy. With the release of his new single, Drake drops a music video, directed by Dave Meyers, that was filmed at the Nike World Headquarters in Oregon. The music video features star athletes such as Kevin Durant, Odell Becham Jr., and Marshawn Lynch. The woman that Drake appears with in the video is Aggy Abby, a military veteran and an Instagram influencer, that has over 1 million followers. You can check out her page here.

Drake starts the video with him and Aggy pulling up to the Nike Headquarters in one of the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept Cars. As he gets out of the car, the camera then pans to his shoes to showcase what seems to be a tease of an OVO and Nike collaboration. Drakes then look into the camera and says “Baby” which is a line repeated throughout the whole song and video by the other appearances. In the video you can see Drake losing in a one on one basketball game with Kevin Durant, catching a football with one hand from a throw by Odell Becham Jr., and suddenly tackled to the ground by Marshawn Lynch.

Flexing along with sports is a combination that will never lose in hip hop. Drake fuses the two elements to create an entertaining 5 minute music video. He lets us know that we can’t do what he does, as he and Aggy are in the Nike store with a cart full of Nike merchandise. To further flex, he then jet skis on the Nike campus private lake with Lil Durk. Towards the end of the video, Drake is seen crying saying “It’s been a long fight and I just gotta have a warrior spirit,” and is immediately interrupted and berated by another influencer and comedian Druski, who has over 700k followers on instagram. Check out his page here. We know that Drake doesn’t have a problem leaning into his corny which makes him so marketable and fun to watch. He lets us laugh at him and yet, he still shows us that he is that man and cannot be stopped.

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